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Planet Nooky is a world that is safe and judgement free. The Founder Amercia Morris created Planet Nooky to promote sexual, mental , spiritual and physical holistic healing for those who have experienced carnal abuse and traumas. Amercia’s journey thus far has included experiencing, surviving, and now thriving through different traumas herself. After years of Seeking help from Medical Professionals, Amercia became discouraged and frustrated that she was still unable to experience intimacy and true sexual pleasure due to the fears that still lingered in her association with sex. Morris states: “PTSD can be a scary and lonely place, and those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety and or depression as a result of Carnal Abuse need more than one outlet to recover as they restore themselves to a sense of safety and empowerment”. 

In 2015 Morris, started her own journey to research the true meanings behind sexual activity, health and wellbeing.  During her research she found that there were actually so many other men and women who felt the same as her. They were hopeless in their attempts to Experience Pleasure through intimate connections. Shortly after Morris collected the answer in 2019, she then  created Planet Nooky in order to share her knowledge with the World. In a small qualitative study, six female survivors of CSA all reported six meaningful outcomes in their recovery journey: 1. They recognized that CSA does not define them. 2. Letting go of negative emotions. 3. Letting go of negative thoughts; 4. They developed healthy intimate relationships. 5. They accepted themselves as a sexual being; and 6. They found and engaged in a healthy sexual relationship (Hartley et al. 2016). Amercia created Planet Nooky to expand resources for an important part in the recovery journey where traditional services had failed to provide. Those being how to accept oneself as a sexual being; and how to find and engage in a healthy sexual relationship. Amercia’s intentions are not to replace mental health professionals or those who are licensed to treat victims, but to only be a resource to aid in total recovery.

Planet Nooky has grown over the years. It started with just one short story and two products, to now two works of fiction, a whole line of products called “Nooky Treasures” , one on one coaching (Trauma Recovery & Sexual Exploration), private “Planet Nooky” parties, and public engagements which are all guaranteed to facilitate an environment in which the client will Experience Pleasure!. Amercia has worked tirelessly to make sure she offers only the best to her customers and makes sure she is able to meet a wide array of needs with goals to heal. Through the years she has earned the title of healer. Planet Nooky’s resources and methods have been proven to allow Amercia to gain this title. She has helped only a few but will continue on her journey in hopes to help more and more people everyday.


Our mission is simple: To inspire sexual survivors by delivering trustworthy support, convenient guidance, and a vibrant range of products for people to have safe, consensual, and pleasurable experiences with ease. Join Us in igniting the spark to break down barrier and provide a peace of mind steering those in need to an active healthy sexual lifestyle as we care for their tomorrow, TODAY!


At Planet Nooky, we don’t breathe to survive, we breathe to thrive, and become the most preferred platform while dedicated to support and communicate the appeal of a safer, educated sexual lifestyle through our vibrant, diverse range focusing on the best. With hopes to uplift communities and celebrate safe, consensual sex worldwide by enhancing experiences while providing unique, quality support, and excellence.

What Amercia Morris Says?

What Amercia Morris Says?

Amercia says she noticed a major deficiency as well in being able to find immediate and readily available resources that were tailored for what she and others similar to her was searching for “we see sex on television on posters in cartoons and everywhere but its not a true depiction of how intimacy, health and wellness all relate to sex, we should all be healthy holistically before we engage we should be well informed before we experience the act of sex” The media portrays sex as just something to do but it is truly a healthy natural healing experience in so many ways, if you do it correctly”Amercia took her knowledge and gifts from the universe and went on to assist others who were also struggling the same way she had, which Birthed Planet Nooky, which allows her to reach people not just in her immediate community but Worldwide.

What Amercia Morris Says?

We Values P.E.O.P.L.E

Core Values


Committed to fulfilling our social responsibility and purpose to support survivors of abuse as our intention is supported by professional practices and a unique approach taking needs into account


Go that extra mile towards excellence in every outlook by passing on quality assistance, outstanding worth, and continually surpassing the bar on our services. Our pledge mirrors our undeterred strength to achieve our aims by embracing new ways and inspiring us into a model.


Motivated to be optimistic as we incline to course our business diversely with a zeal to welcome everyone. People are what grant us to be versatile, to move forward, and to serve with pride as we stay committed and deliver.


Unbending and accountable in commitment to do the right thing and make the best choice while regarding everyone’s opinion. We welcome prolific views to improve the quality of work as nothing is achievable without harmonized effort.


To exhibit how it’s done and motivate others through our acts for the ethical development of our local area. We pride ourselves in demonstrating moral fortitude and viewing the whole world as ONE with respect.


At Planet Nooky, we strive to empower communities through the power of our guidance, support, and personalized approach as we aim to develop and nurture relationships resulting in uplifting quality of life.

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