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Erotic Dice

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Throw die and let them determine your foreplay and have a night of pleasure

Malachite crystal necklace

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Natural stone Malachite necklace (Green) Absorbs negative energy and opens heart to unconditional love

Nooky Chest

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Includes one of each teas, both necklaces, Nooky oil, (2) bombs (2) scrubs (2) votive candles (1) Bondage set (1) pair of die All for the Complete Experience Total items 20

Nooky Sac

Includes: Bomb, NookyScrub , Erotic Nooky Oil, Stress relief tea, Choice of male or female tea (1) choice of necklace (1) Erotic dice and (1) surprise pleasure aid Please put tea choice and necklace choice in notes section of order

Rose quartz crystal leather necklace

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natural stone rose quartz necklace (Pink) Emits love supports emotional and relationship healing wear it or carry it with you always use with malachite to half full circle of receiving and emitting love for optimum results