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Male Vitality Tea

Five tea bags per pack Composed of organic herbs scientifically proven to be effective to increase energy and stamina enhance male sex drive and help blood flow

Vaginal Detox Tea

Red Jujube, Longan, goji dried fruits steep for 3-5 min to detox vagina functioning with this tea natural fruit can be eaten after tea is consumed for additional benefits

Womb Detox Tea

Five tea bags per pack Natural and Organic Womb detox tea, relive me natural pain, balance hormones, relieves dryness, detox, made with Ginseng , Rose,longan, red date, Wolfberry

Yoni Detox Capsule

Vagina detox pills capsules that help prevent vaginal dryness, improve sensitivity, organic plant essence helps eliminate bacteria detox and decrease itching and odor, increased activity of muscle fibers Main Ingredients Cnidium, aloe, propolis, grape seed oil, saffron, perilla oil(mint), angelica Do not ingest, : insert into Vagina set of 3